Breaking Fixed Term Lease Agreement FAQ

Your lease agreement is a formal contract and you are legally obliged to fulfil the terms of the lease. Your contract term is for a fixed date, and in the same way you would expect to be able to stay in your accommodation until that date, you are required to fulfil your obligations until that date. Your contract is a serious and legally binding document. 

We of course understand that sometimes unfortunate situations or unforeseen opportunities come up and that plans change and you may need to move out sooner than the lease end date. 

At Student Rooms we use a very fair system that requires you to find another suitable housemate to take over your lease if a serious situation arises and you need to break your lease. 

If you replace yourself with a good quality housemate (someone that fits the Student Rooms guidelines) we charge a one-week rent fee. This is because we still meet with prospective housemate, check them out through an interview process, check their references, spend time going through a new contract, the house rules, induction etc. It's quite a laborious process, but one which also protects you as a housemate if one of your housemates were faced with a similar situation. That is, we will always do our utmost to recruit high calibre - respectful and easy-going housemates. 

If we need to replace you we charge a two-week letting fee which includes advertising.

You will also be required to continue to pay your rent and electricity until the time a new tenant commences a new tenancy - this is irrespective of the date you move out. With this in mind it makes sense to provide as much notice as possible should you need to break your lease. 


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