Prospective Housemates FAQ

Can we bring our own furniture? 

At Student Rooms, we provide fully furnished accommodation.  Unless your furniture can fit amongst the furniture we provide, it cannot be brought.  Furniture is not able to be fixed to the wall.

Why isn't electricity included in your bills?

In our experience people wouldn't casually leave a tap running, or the gas stove on, but people often forget to turn lights or electrical items off.  We also like to save the environment and a little accountability helps this.  

How often does the cleaner/gardener come and what do they do? 

The cleaners come fortnightly to do all common areas (not inclusive of dishes, this is the individual housemates responsibility).  The gardeners roughly once a month to keep the garden well maintained. 

I am interested in becoming a Student Rooms tenant - what is required? 

After contacting Student Rooms by phone, email or registering on the Student Rooms website, we will then organise a time for you to come into our office for an appointment. If you are not in Adelaide, we can organise a Skype call / phone call to discuss your requirements and possible room options.

In order to secure a room we require:

 - 4 week bond payment

 - up to two weeks rent in advance (depending on where your lease starts in relation to our rent cycle)

 - Passport / Drivers Licence

 - proof you are a student

 - emergency contact details

 - contact details of two referees

What are your lease terms?

As we provide student accommodation, our leases generally run line with the university year, that is leases starting and ending in February or July.  Most of our leases are for 12 months, starting and ending in February.

Who will I be living with? Can I meet them before moving in? 

You will be living with students & young professionals from around Australia and all over the world - about 50% of housemate are local 'Aussies'.  They have been reference checked and we like to get to know our housemates so we can ensure who we put into that house will be a great fit with them, though you generally won't get to meet them prior to moving in, our screening process will ensure you are a good fit for that house and in our meeting, we will tell you about who is in the house.  We have all mixed gender/ nationality houses. 

Do we will have to pay rent/electricity if we go away during our lease? 

Yes, you are required to continue paying as per your contract terms. 

Can I have pets in your accommodation? 

No, we do not allow pets in Student Rooms properties.  

Can a couple rent one room? 

Whilst the majority of our rooms are single rooms (that is one person per room), we do have some twin share rooms for couples.

Are the individual bedroom doors in the house lockable from the outside? 

Yes, the bedrooms are fitted with locks that are lockable from the outside and you will have your own key to access the room.

Are there rooms that come with a private ensuite/bathroom? 

No, not typically. Most of our houses will have either 1 or 2 bathrooms.  We currently have 1 house that has an ensuite bathroom, but it is still shared with one other housemate.  We do have one self contained unit in our portfolio.

Are there any connection charges for internet, electricity, water, gas, etc? 

No, Student Rooms does not have connection charges for utilities. 





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