Student Rooms House Rules FAQ

Once you have signed a lease with Student Rooms, please follow these simple rules to ensure the safety, comfort, wellbeing and enjoyment of everyone in the house. 

Failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning and/or subsequent immediate termination of your lease agreement. 

No Smoking

No Smoking anywhere inside the house and do not leave cigarette butts outside or on the ground. Butt out and put them in a bin. When smoking outside the house, be considerate of smoke blowing into the premises.

IMPORTANT: if your room smells of smoke or is dirty as a result of smoking it will need to be cleaned. All cleaning costs will be passed on to you – it’s not cheap to repaint and re-carpet a room!!

Noise Levels

Keep noise (TV / Stereo) to a moderate level at ALL times – especially between the hours of 9pm and 7am.

Be respectful your housemates and to the neighbours by keeping any noise outside to a minimum – especially between the hours of 7pm and 8am. Neighbour complaints are taken seriously and will be investigated.

Please be quiet when entering and exiting the house late at night. 

Keep the house clean

Please clean (vacuum and dust) your room at least once a month.

Everyone is responsible for keeping the common areas clean and tidy (i.e. bathroom/toilet/laundry/kitchen/lounge/outside areas.) Do not leave empty bottles, food or rubbish around - put junk mail / newspapers in the bin. Outdoors is not the cleaners responsibility!

Dishes/Pots/Pans, etc. should be washed, dried and put away immediately after cooking and eating. The cleaner will not do your dishes!

Please clean the bench and stove top each time after you have finished cooking so it is clean for your housemates.

Food preparation – cutting/chopping food must be done only on the chopping boards provided – Do Not chop food directly on benches or on the kitchen sink.

Keep food preparation time to a minimum so others can use the kitchen.  

Please empty the vacuum every time after you use it.

Keep the property clear of rubbish – empty the rubbish bins inside the house regularly and ensure the wheelie bins are placed on the curb (the night before) for collection on the appropriate day (follow the lead of the neighbours, or see council websites for exact day.

Place household/general rubbish in the RED LID (PURPLE or BLUE for some Councils) bin, place all recyclable materials in the YELLOW LID, all green/garden waste in the GREEN LID bin and all recyclable items with a 10c deposit (please check the label) in the BLUE barrel.
RUBBISH _____________ Weekly
RECYCLE _____________ Fortnightly
GREEN WASTE _____________ Fortnightly

Keep all drains clear – do not intentionally nor negligently do anything that will interfere with the proper operation of any plumbing or drainage system on the property.

IMPORTANT: Do not throw anything (including tampons, pads or other sanitary items) down the toilet. Tenants will be billed with plumber/tradesperson bills for any items causing toilet or drain blockage.

Saving the Environment

Make sure all electrical items e.g. TV, Fans, Lights, Heaters, etc. are turned off when not in use.

REMINDER: Electricity is not included with your rent so try to use it as economically / efficiently as possible. All housemates are required to pay for electricity usage, regardless what time period they are actually occupying the premises.

House Care

For any repairs, maintenance, housemate or administrative issues, please notify us immediately via

Housemates are required to submit all requests and questions through the SR 24/7 system, and will receive an induction on how to use SR24/7.

In the event there is an emergency at the house (i.e, burst water pipe, no electricity etc) and the Student Rooms office is closed, please submit a ticket through SR 24/7 before calling the Student Rooms office on 7070 2560. Follow the prompts and you will be able to leave a voicemail that will be forwarded to the phone of the on call staff member.

For any emergency requiring police, fire or ambulance, your first call should be to 000.

Any damage to the house and/or to Student Rooms’ furnishings will be paid for by the responsible housemate. If damage is done to a shared/common item (e.g. kitchen bench or lounge suite) the cost will be shared equally among all housemate’s bonds.

All personal items and belongings must be kept in your bedroom. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your personal items and belongings. Student Rooms are not liable for any loss or damage to personal items and belongings.

Do not place hot objects directly on to benches or on the kitchen sink.

Please take care of all house furnishings belonging to others and to Student Rooms.

Bikes must be kept outside in garage area/undercover area only – do not store your bike inside the house.

Ironing must only be done in the laundry area on the supplied ironing board. Do not iron in the rooms, on the carpets or on benches.

Take care opening and closing all curtains and blinds.

Don’t install any picture hooks (3M tab removable hooks accepted). Sticky-tape, pins, blue-tac, etc. are not permitted on the walls or doors.

No pets or animals allowed on the property (inside or outside) at any time.

No cooking allowed in the bedrooms.

No equipment or furniture to be added or removed from the house or any Tenants bedroom without our prior consent.

Please keep all unused food properly sealed so you don’t encourage pests such as mice and ants in the house. Make sure to clean the floor of any spilt food waste immediately at all times.

Use the kitchen, shower and common areas fairly (e.g. 5 minutes in the shower each).

Electricity is to be paid on an ‘as used’ basis (at cost, pro rata). An invoice will be sent to each housemate along with a copy of the supplier’s original statement, on a quarterly basis. If your departure from the house falls sometime during a bill cycle period we will provide you with an estimated power bill based on previous statements.

IMPORTANT: Any charges associated with ‘excessive’ usage of Internet/Gas/Water will be passed on to housemates. This will be governed by the ‘Fair Use Policy

Safety & Security

The front/back doors and all windows MUST be kept locked at ALL times when nobody is home.

Be friendly and enjoy each other’s company but respect the privacy of other people’s rooms – DO NOT ENTER other housemate’s rooms without their permission.

No fan heaters allowed whatsoever - these can very easily cause fires!

No open flames inside or out – this includes candles, fire pits etc

Internet Usage

Internet provision is not 100% guaranteed, if internet access is imperative to your life we would encourage you to purchase a 3G/4G mobile internet USB stick (you can get plans for as little as $2/3 week)

Internet must be used fairly (NO torrent movie downloads or high data usage activities permitted). We provide 50GB of internet (combined upload and download) per month. Once your monthly quota of 50GB is used up, your speed will automatically slowed until the start of the next cycle. Monthly cycles begin on the 1st of each month. If you require more than 50GB of internet, you can do so by electing to purchase more internet data through Student Rooms ($39 for an extra 50gb). Please note any unused data does not roll over, and expires at the end of each month.

IMPORTANT: Excessive usage (i.e. too many downloads) will lead to restricted access to websites that are deemed to generate the highest data downloads.

Final Departure

When your contract comes to an end your room must be left in exactly the same state as when you originally moved in to it. A minimum $75 contents / damage check & cleaning fee is payable by ALL tenants for whom room cleans are required. For a substantially untidy room the cleaning fee will increase depending on the time required to clean.

If your room or other part of the house you occupied is left in a damaged / unreasonable state, we will charge you for all additional costs to return the room to the state in which you commenced your tenancy.

Failure to return your keys will result in you being charged for new keys being cut and door locks being changed.

If you, or a guest of yours, use or occupy a bedroom of the house (I.e. a bedroom you have not leased from Student Rooms) you will be charged a cleaning fee of $75 and an additional fee of one weeks’ rent.

Please make sure to remove all personal belongings from the house - any items remaining after your departure will be deemed unwanted and will be disposed of after 7 days and you will be charged for costs associated with this.


Visitors must be limited to small groups of up to 3 people for short visits only (i.e. up to 2 hours for a dinner/lunch/movie etc.).

1 overnight visitor is permitted for a maximum stay of 2 consecutive nights only on an occasional basis only and must be accommodated in your room – the sofas in the lounge area are expressly not to be used for overnight stays. Overnight guests must not exceed an average of one night per week per housemate.

Parties (i.e. more than 3 guests) are not permitted without notifying Student Rooms by lodging a request at with at least 72 hours' notice. You must also request permission from your co-housemates.

Housemates are responsible for ensuring their visitors are made aware of, and adhere to the house rules.


Please use any off-street parking provided fairly between all housemates.

Lost Keys

Lost keys will incur a replacement fee of $50.00 and can be collected during business hours only
(9am-5pm Mon-Fri) only from our office – please contact us in advance to make an appointment.

If you are locked out outside of business hours you will need to arrange for a local locksmith to re-key your door (approx. $150-$200 overnight charge). Please phone: Adelaide Locksmiths 08 82235433 or Budget Locksmiths 81650195 or Knight Locksmiths 08 82315534.

Tip (not a house rule)! If you have locked yourself out of the house outside of business hours and are not keen to pay a locksmith to let you back in – then one option would be to stay with a friend until the Student Rooms office opens (Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm). Some housemates have done this in the past to save money if they weren’t in a hurry to get back into their room.

Keys MUST BE returned TO THE OFFICE on the day of your departure, or the next business day if departing on a weekend, otherwise you will be charged for a new lock (up to $350.00). Keys left in the room will be deemed as not returned and may incur a locksmith charge to change locks. If you can’t return the key yourself it’s your obligation to make sure someone returns it on your behalf (prefefably one of your currnet housemates). You may request a ‘returned keys receipt’ from the office upon returning your keys.

Housemates are strictly prohibited from copying any keys.

Need Something?

All maintenance or administrative requests must lodged online at

Please lodge all requests via the above website if you have any questions. These requests may results in phone calls and face to face meetings, but must be started with a detailed SR 24/7 request.

Strictly Forbidden

The following are completely unacceptable and will lead to immediate notice to leave:

NO smoking, naked flames or burning candles (including Incense) inside.

No fan heaters, however electric-oil heaters are permitted (and provided by Student Rooms, 1 heater per room).

NO illegal drug use, illegal activities or excessive drinking of alcohol.

NO weapons or violence


IMPORTANT: Student Rooms accepts no responsibility for lost/stolen/damaged personal belongings during your stay in the house. We encourage all tenants to take out their own personal contents insurance.

Emergency Contact

Phone '000' for POLICE, FIRE & AMBULANCE

Breaking your Lease Agreement

Your lease agreement is a formal contract and you are legally obliged to fulfil the terms of the lease. If for any reason you need to break the lease you will be required to sign a Breaking Lease form. In addition, you will be required to pay a re-letting fee of up to two weeks rent (which covers advertising fees, administrative costs, cleaning costs etc). You will also be required to continue to pay your rent until the time a new tenant commences a new tenancy – this is irrespective of the date you move out. With this in mind it makes sense to provide as much notice as possible should you need to break your lease. All potential replacement tenants must be suitable candidates and must meet Student Rooms criteria.Student Rooms makes the final decision on suitability of any prospective housemate.

Security Bond

If you do not comply with these Rules, Student Rooms may, at its discretion, terminate your agreement and require you to vacate the Premises. In such circumstances, you may forfeit part of all the security bond that you have paid.


Student Rooms shall be indemnified against all actions, claims, damages, fees, expenses or losses incurred by you (or your guests and visitors) suffered or incurred by you as a result of your occupation of the Premises or the use of any furnishings provided by Student Rooms.

Enjoy Yourself

Our main priority is that you have an enjoyable and safe stay in the house and that you are happy to call it your home.




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