Internet FAQ

Student Rooms will provide, at your leased property:

 - 50GB of broadband combined upload and download (speed varies depending on location, area, usage etc) internet, included with your rental payments per calendar month.

 - unlimited internet connectivity (at lower speeds after 50GB).

 - Another 50GB data at broadband speed can be purchased from Student Rooms for $39, or another 5GB for $10.  Please call Student Rooms during office hours to purchase more data.

 - Data does not roll over - unused data at the end of the month is lost.


If you your internet is slow or not working

 - Have you gone through the internet troubleshooting checklist which is displayed at the house?

 - Have you used all your quota?  If so, you can purchase more data by calling Student Rooms during business hours.  An internet top up of 50GB is $39, or 5GB for $10.  Please note the data expires at the end of the month and does not roll over.




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