End of Lease Move Out Procedure FAQ

When your Student Rooms fixed term lease ends there are a few important points we would like to make before you leave. 

Vacating your room: We request that you vacate your room by 11am on the final day of your lease. We don't want cleaners or other Housemates arriving while you are still there!

Cleaning your room:  Please leave your room in the same clean, neat and tidy state as when you first moved in. A standard cleaning fee of $75 is charged to each Housemate where any room cleaning is required (higher fees may apply for substantially untidy rooms, or for removal of personal items left on the property). If you do not wish to pay a cleaning fee please ensure that you thoroughly clean your room.

The room needs to be left clean and the furniture should be in its original position, ready for the next housemate to move into. If the furniture needs to be moved a second person may be required to assist the cleaner, which could add to the cleaning cost.

Please make sure you do the following before you vacate your room:

  • Vacuum the floor
  • Window seals & ledges are clean, skirting boards have been wiped
  • Walls and other surfaces are clean
  • Furniture is empty and vacuumed / cleaned with a cloth, inside and out.
  • There are no personal items left in your room - including under the bed!
  • Furniture is in its original position
  • Make sure you lock your room on departure.  If your room is not locked and it is damaged by someone, or furniture is missing, you will be held accountable

Damage to the room/Student Rooms property:  We will invoice you for the reasonable costs of repairing any damage done to your room and/or Student Rooms property if there is any.  An invoice will be sent to you for any Student Rooms items that are present in your Room Entry Report and are not present following a final room inspection.

Removal of your personal belongings:  Be sure to remove all of your personal belongings from the room/house - any items remaining after your departure will be deemed unwanted and will be disposed of after 7 days and you may be charged for this to happen. Make sure you also remove all personal items from all common areas, including the refrigerator and pantry.  Anything left behind that requires removal by our cleaner will be invoiced to you.

Please note that it is not ok to fill the bins with large amounts of personal trash when vacating the house. This leaves the other housemates with no room for regular rubbish and may require us to send a contract rubbish collector at a cost to you.

Keys:  Keys should be returned to the Student Rooms office by 1pm on the last day of your lease. If your lease ends on the weekend, you must return your keys on Monday.  You are responsible for physically returning your keys to our office and sign in the keys. Do not leave your keys in your room or post them. Please ask a friend to help if you need to. If keys are not returned we may need to call a locksmith which will incur a cost of $180 which will be deducted from your bond payment.

Final Rent Payment: Your final rent direct debit payment will be adjusted to reflect your lease end date - i.e., if it is usually $350 for the fortnight but you only have 5 days left from the payment date, your direct debit will be $124.


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